Saturday, November 19, 2005

All Four Sprouts Together

My nephew Jonny was 13 last week so Ali and I made the trip up to Leeds to celebrate his change from a sweet young man into a gangly, surly teenager. Sue and Kev, his Mum and Dad, have been watching the Kevin and Perry movie to see what they are in for. Obviously it was nice to see the little tyke, but it was also great to catch up with the rest of the family.

Later that night after a few of the lightweights had slopped of to bed, I noticed that it was just me and my three sisters who were still up. Its been a good few years since just the four of us have been alone in a room together so gadget freak Chris celebrated by taking this photo (using the timer of course).

So that is my twin sister Ginny, your esteemed columnist, my sister Sue from Leeds and my sister Chris from Birmingham. I guess it is odd that my Mum and Dad are still back in Hull and my elder sisters are in Brum and Leeds yet my twin Ginny and I live less than half a mile apart in Barnes. It really is just a coincidence. Although we do find it funny the number of times people ask us if we are identical twins!

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Anonymous said...

Just to comnfirm... no we're NOT identical! Primarily 3 good reasens why, and also, I shave my beard.