Sunday, November 27, 2005

Goose fat

So being a good Yorkshire Boy, I understand that there is nothing more important that a great Sunday Dinner. One of the most important aspects of a Sunday Dinner is the Roast Potatoes. Over the years I have heard loads of ideas about how to make the prefect roast spuds. Jamie Oliver says par boil the spuds then shake them in the pan before roasting. My mate Matt's mum would par boil them then "fork" them. On the other hand my mate Slippery Si always says don't bother with par boiling, just cover them with olive oil and Rosemary and they will be grand.

Well Ali and I have had reasonably variable results in our roast pots over the years. Sometimes burnt and sometimes underdone. In order to improve the situation I checked the web and found out that the secret for the perfect roast spuds is Goose fat. So I tried it for the first time tonight. It's true - I have never made such perfect and tasty spuds. The only down side is that the goose fat cost more than the King Edwards!

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