Sunday, November 06, 2005

Reds beat the blues

So Man United beat Chelsea one to nil in a pretty good game at Old Trafford today. This is significant in various ways. Firstly it brings Chelsea's 40 odd game undefeated streak to an end. Following their slip up in Europe during the week we are now seeing that, despite Abromoviches billions, they are still fallible.

More significant it reduces a 13 point deficit for United to a 10 point deficit with a game in hand. Suddenly an impossible gap can be closed by a couple of wins. I also suspect that Mourinho will feel under more pressure from a revitalised United than a Wigan side that is admittedly playing out of their skins.

I was especially chuffed that such an important fixture was also such a good game of football. Also nice that Mourinho and Ferguson planned to share a bottle of wine following the game. So great rivals on the pitch can still respect each other off the pitch. If Mourinho and Wenger are in a silly spat and Wenger and Ferguson don't exactly see eye to eye yet Ferguson and Mourinho share a glass or two of wine after a game, we can clearly see where the problem lies. Take note Mr Wenger.

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