Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The honesty of the Scots

Watching late night TV, I couldn't help noticing when a Scottish woman was asked why she had brought a painting onto the Antiques Roadshow TV show she said it was "to find out what it was worth and then to sell it". Good work fella! We have always known that this is why the majority of people bring stuff, but it is possibly the first time I can recall someone being so refreshingly honest. If you are equally fickle, the item was worth about 3 grand and she was clearly gonna flog it the first chance she got.

Personally I have always liked the idea of telling some kid bringing in their stolen grandparents Toby Jugs that they are worth a couple of million just to see their face when they make £2.50 at auction. Does that make me bad? Of course it does. But they are being greedy and it would be funny :)

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