Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wireless Access in a Hotel room

I have often wondered about using the Wireless services offered in Hotels and Airports but I have never bothered because I thought, why should I pay money to access eMail I can read perfectly well tomorrow. If there is anything that important they can always ring me. However, my frollegue Ed Brill has been writing about connecting from around the world on his web log for years so I thought I should join the party at last and get connected. So this post is being written from room 181 in the Holiday Inn in Newcastle. Connecting to the service was totally painless and they are only charging a quite reasonable £3 for 30 minutes. I think I may be a convert. I won't try it from the bar later though - I don't want to look like a geek :(


Anonymous said...

Too late geeky boy!Wayay man.

Darren said...

Get yerself a 3G card Ports. So far I've been impressed. For the Doubting Thomases who say "it's okay but it only works in London" let me tell you this... it was connected to the 3G network for 4 hours today and didn't trip over to GPRS... and I was in Weston-Super-Mare which is in the arse-end of nowhere*.

* Please note, residents of Weston-Super-Mare, no offence intended. Your industrial estates in the fog are things of beauty.