Friday, September 29, 2006

He shoots, he scores!

While I was all caught in in the joy of my new site logo, I forgot to mention, Ali and I are having a baby :-) As befits any spawn of mine, it is due on the 1st of April. Perfect. Ali and I are chuffed to bits. We have been thinking of names but it is a bit hard because we don't know what flavour it is yet. We are currently using Herbert. Here is a picture of the little fella. Just to show any of you comedians that he hasn't got a beard yet.

It's funny but the one thing that no one ever seems to complain about is the weeks when you know t'wife is "with child" but you can't tell anyone. More to the point you have to lie all the time to try and cover up. The rest of our Pub Quiz team thought that I had murdered Ali because of the increasingly lame excuses I was coming out with for her non appearance. And Ali's friends at her running club were getting increasingly concerned as she kept on feigning back ache to get out of exercises. What a relief it is now public!


Anonymous said...

Yaaaay! Congrats to you both (or should that be to you all! :D


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both. You'll wonder what you did with your time before hand. You'll also wonder how you coped without the fulfilment and joy they bring. I wish Mrs P all the best during her pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news, nice one Ports. As Alan P would say "back of the net". A new generation of Porters to take on Outlook and Exchange 2035.

Now you'll be really glad that you've stopped smoking.

Anonymous said...

Ports, many congratulations to you and Ali. Good things come to those who wait :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. P.
A Herbert to go with our Percy.

One hell of an April fool!-what lengths you go to to impress!!

Ali- I couldn't have survived my pregnancy without rich tea biscuits- for those moments when you have to eat NOW.

If you thought that you got a lot of well meaning advice when you got married,JUST WAIT!!

Lots of love to you both,Sue,Kev and Percy

Johnny Hoover said...

Whoop de doo.

Yabba habba...

Way Hey!!

Nice one guys - big congrats

John and Heather

Anonymous said...


Fantastic to all three of you!

Baby sitter at the ready!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! Ali and P are having a baby! and i shall be Aunty Niki and Jonathan has a little cousin.

Well I last I can tell people!

I bet you all thought Ali was back on the Jaffa Cakes when really she had a bun in the oven all along.

Congratulations to you both and to the thimble sized Porter...congratulations on landing a great Mum and Dad
x x x


Anonymous said...

Poor Herbert/Lucky Herbert,
Only 2 cousins so far,and both called Jonathan!!Keeps it simple.
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle ... or more precisely I'll be Herbert's aunt!

Just when I have one of the little blighters trained up to be a pretty decent nephew I have to start all over again!

Let the japes begin!

Hope it all goes really well ... take care Ali!


Anonymous said...

Hey, beards come later. I should know!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both, good luck.

Looks like a boy to me, online sweepstake for gender and weight?

Anonymous said...

Mr Ports !

Well, I never ! I haven't been to your blog for over a week or so, and now everything's changed !

Congratulations, Mate :-)

Well done to you and Ali